A letter of employment (LOE) is a document provided by the cruise ship company that states the date you are scheduled to join a vessel, the joining date, and the position for which you have been hired. You must have this document available at all times when traveling to join the ship. Also, you will use this document to request your VISA.
This examination is at the candidates' expense and can be conducted through one of the Cruise line recommended medical facilities. You'll be advised which one is closest to you. Once this is completed and approved by the cruise line Medical department, you are cleared to travel and work onboard
It will depend on which company you are assigned to, some companies pay and provide flights from your designated airport to your assigned ship awhile others don't.
Have an STCW valid certification. Meet the English fluency requirements relevant to your position. Be able to pass a criminal background check. Be 21 years old. Hold a valid passport. Have a US C1/D visa (if you are not a Canadian or US citizen/resident). Have a specific pre-employment medical exam certificate. (depending on the company).

Specific position requirements depend on the area onboard you are interested in, there are some essential requirements that all crew must meet to work onboard a cruise ship.
STCW stands for "Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers", these standards are set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). STCW Training consists of five basic training courses. It is a mandatory course to work onboard Vessels.
The price range can change depending on where you go for the train. The price range varies from company to company. It is usually taken in 5 days. This is at candidate own cost.
Also known as a seaman's visa, some nationalities need this to work onboard a ship and travel to certain countries. This visa normally lasts between two and five years. You will be required to make an appointment at your nearest US Embassy to gain this visa; all paperwork for the appointment will be supplied by your manning agency. The cost C1/D visa is at the candidate own expense, it cost up to $160 USD.
Most cruise lines offer a minimum of 4 to 6 months contracts, depending on the cruise line and position you have, it can also be extended for 1 to 3 more months depending on their demand.
Cruise lines will consider hiring couples that are interested in working together on the same ship, however, we cannot guarantee that they will be willing to accept both in the same ship as it depends on the cruise line needs at that specific time.
U.S. citizens get taxes deducted directly from their pay checks; any other nationality crew members have their own responsibility to declare the income earned to their country.

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